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We have two main training offerings. Our signature course, the Financial Markets Education, and the Tools for the Smart Trader training course. 

What is the difference and which is best suited to you?
The all-in.

When a person decides to trade the financial markets, they look at WHAT, WHEN and WHEN. Which instrument to buy that will lead to profit, the right timing to buy, and if it is now, when would be a good time to sell to take profit?  Finally, they will look at the factors they need to consider to protect their capital.

This training course unpacks these questions in detail and MORE!
As a student, you will gain the necessary knowledge to plan a trade from start to finish, execute that trade, and analyse the result.
We teach you to trade forex, indices, US CFDs and commodities. Regardless of the country the trading concepts remain the same - we ensure that the theoretical components carry through to the practical execution of a trade. Our qualified traders evaluate the final execution of a trade.

You are provided with all the resources to take you through the process: a trading account with our preferred broker, the installation of the trading platform MT5, an interactive learning management system, workshops via Zoom, downloadable PDF's and more than 100 video tutorials.


1.  The Stock Market and Concepts of Trading

2.  Instruments to Trade

3.  Fundamental Analysis

4.  Technical Analysis

5.  Risk Management

6.  Planning a Trade

7.  Trading Resources

8.  Practical Trading

9.  Practical Trading

10.  Pre-Recorded Classroom Videos

BONUS! Also included is the Tools for the Smart Trader training course.

This course is exactly what I need


Still not sure? Let’s compare the two training courses.