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What Makes A Good Trader?

Jun 01, 2022

To become a successful trader, there are six key areas an individual needs to develop in:

Research: be competent in researching securities to find the relevant data that will affect the financial market, be able to understand it and apply it to their trading.

Analysis: be competent in their analysis of charts, be able to understand and apply technical indicators.

Emotion: be emotionally adept in their relations to price movements and market news, be able to identify their emotion and refrain from letting emotions influence their trades.

Control: be able to identify a trading style that complements their trading and employ it in the various market environments while applying risk management to their trading.

Focus: have knowledge of trading instruments, be able to focus their attention on knowledge of the various instruments and sectors of the market and applying their knowledge to trading decisions.

Historic analytics: be competent in recording trades and analysing their past performance, applying measures to better their trades.

The Financial Markets Education training is designed to prepare the student in all these areas of competency. On completion, the student will have the necessary knowledge needed to trade the markets and have proved themselves competent.

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