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Stock Market College

Affiliate Programme

Capitalise on your expertise & knowledge

A great way to diversify your income is to promote the most disruptive financial education programmes in the space.

You know the industry, why not capitalise on your expertise and knowledge?

By becoming a Stock Market College Affiliate, you will be rewarded for introducing students to our products.

What is an Affiliate Programme?

We're sure you've seen these before, but let's recap!

An Affiliate programme is a way for you to offer your audience - clients or friends - something valuable you trust and receive payment for referrals.

You're also in the right place if you are currently an SMC member or graduate of SMC, know how much SMC has positively impacted you financially, and you want to get paid for referrals that you are most likely already making anyway.

How does the Affiliate Programme work?

As soon as you sign up as a Stock Market College Affiliate, you'll receive login access to your own Affiliate dashboard.

Here, you'll find unique links to share with your people and give them some information about exactly what being a member of Stock Market College is all about.

If someone clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase, you will be attributed the sale as well as the Affiliate commission that comes with it!

Refer & earn. Share. Get paid. Repeat!


We offer a 15% commission on our offers for both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions. That means you get paid 15%, not just once, but monthly for as long as the person you referred is a member.

Stock Market College offers a 15% commission (and up to 30% for VIP Affiliates).


What is so special about the Stock Market College training courses?


As a top international training institution for the retail trader, with decades of experience, trading education is no longer out of your reach.

With a local and international presence, we educate not only to uplift communities, but also to increase the participation and understanding of a growing economy.

Our courses are comprehensive and targeted at those who want to learn to trade or improve their trading skills.

Students learn the basics of trading instruments, trading plans, and placing their own trades on MetaTrader5 the trading platform.

We encourage our students to trade and earn while learning, whether on a demo or live  account. 

The theory and practical go hand-in-hand. Students will learn to trade CFDs, forex, commodities and indices.

We offer the latest resources and have an open-door policy with excellent support.

Join us for our orientation session at Stock Market College and QuickTrade.

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